Wednesday, June 9, 2010


i hav been in UCSI almost 6 weeks
there is alot of things happens around me
there is good things and bad things
lets talk bout good things first,
here i found my bestie and alot of friends
they are super good
they are not counting person
love them damn much
and the bad things is,
know some bad bad gals too!!
they are absolutely horrible!
i word to describe is 'CHEAP'
they are totally look down by me
they can betray friendship to achieve their goals
such a bastard==!
MID-TERM is around the corner
honestly i dint prepare anything==
but i will try my best to get good marks in my paper
although i think that is mission impossible
haha XD
9th of JUN
something special happened in my life
finally we walk togather
i know it will be a difficult path to go through
but with u i get my strength to continue
i definitely believe that our future are bright and alot of hopes^^
love u

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